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Aluminium is easy to maintain

Choose your doors and windows carefully. Look for the optimal balance between aesthetics, functionality, insulation value and lifespan. And last but far from least: low-maintenance joinery is just as convenient. We can already tell you that aluminium is what you need. Aluminium is very easy to maintain and it never rusts. You will save time and money with the following tips.


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Maintaining and protecting aluminium

Periodic polishing suffices to maintain aluminium. Depending on your living environment, you will need to polish your aluminium doors, windows, sliding systems, etc. 2 to 4 times a year. Twice a year is sufficient nationally,  with around four times a year in urban and coastal areas. Also, clean the inside of window frames and sliding tracks regularly so that your windows can keep opening easily and your sliding windows slide open smoothly.


Mild cleaning products for aluminium maintenance

For cleaning, use Aliplast Periodi Clean with lukewarm water.  Rinse with cold, clear water and dry. Always use a soft cloth. Never use solvents such as acetone, petrol or nail varnish remover for cleaning. Also avoid acids (vinegar) or alkaline products such as ammonia or baking soda, and do not clean or treat your windows in bright sunshine or high temperatures.


Maintaining aluminium for good colour retention

An annual treatment for long-term colour retention is recommended for your aluminium. It is best to do such a thorough maintenance once a year. Apply Maxi gloss right after polishing with Periodi Clean. Maxigloss provides a cleaning effect and long-term protection against soiling. Moreover, it gives your paintwork a new and deeper shine. Highly recommended for maintaining your aluminium.

Aluminium is super easy to maintain.

Maintaining aluminium well means enjoying it for life

There is no need to paint or varnish your aluminium doors and windows any more when maintaining them. Something to think about if you don't want to maintain your aluminium too often. Just occasional cleaning with our maintenance products is enough to keep your colour. Aluminium windows are also available in an infinite number of colours, and you can choose between matt, shiny and textured paint. If desired, you can choose a different colour inside and outside. Moreover, Aliplast offers a colour range with a 25-year paint guarantee.

As you can see, windows are not only easy to maintain, but also very durable.


Maintaining aluminium is easy. Just ask an Aliplast dealer. 

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