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Burglary protection: a top priority at Aliplast

Turning your house into a warm and cosy home is something we wish you wholeheartedly. And that includes the factor security. Only then will you feel completely at ease. Aliplast's aluminium doors and windows score well in terms of burglary protection of course, but there are a number of extra options to increase your sense of security.

Burglary protection: what and how

Burglary prevention or protection starts with the right choice of joinery. Security is indicated by Resistance Class (RC), based on the EN1627 standard or the European guidelines for burglar resistance of security doors. The higher the class, the higher the burglary protection. For residential structures, this is usually RC2. Burglary protection RC3 can be found in buildings with a higher burglary risk, such as companies, banks and government buildings.


Standard burglary protection for doors and windows

All Aliplast profile systems comply with the RC2 or RC3 standards for burglary protection. Every door, window and sliding system has basic security, and aluminium in itself is a very strong and almost unbreakable material. Yet there are extra precautions to increase security even more. The various options in the choice of hardware, for example, ensure that Aliplast joinery scores top marks on that front and offers additional protection against burglars.


Enhancing burglary protection

So what else can you do to enhance burglary protection?


  • Additional security on doors:

Make the standard hinge on doors more secure against burglary by reinforcing the hinges with lift-out protection or dead bolts. This will keep the burglar-proof door in place if the hinges are forced. In addition to reinforcing the hinges, opt for cylinder pull-out protection.


  • Multipoint lock

In addition to the standard door locks for both sliding and wicket doors, you can choose the Aliplast 7-point lock for burglary protection. The door is then locked better, so burglars will need to make much more of an effort to force it and will soon abandon your home.

How to secure a home or building with burglary protection?

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  • Window security

Have your windows fitted with extra secure two-star hardware, recognizable by the logo. In addition, you can choose to exchange a standard handle for one with a cylinder lock for top burglary protection.


  • Burglar-resistant glass

In addition to burglar-resistant profiles, burglar-resistant glass is also an important factor for enhancing burglary protection. It is the burglar-resistant film in the glass that prevents the glass from breaking. Get advice on burglary-resistant glass in combination with Aliplast burglar-resistant windows and doors from a dealer near you.


Aliplast and burglary protection

Burglary prevention techniques and security are accorded full attention at Aliplast. We had all our series of windows, doors and sliding systems tested for burglary protection. So we can provide you with a burglary protection certificate for all our products upon request. So you can sleep with peace of mind.


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