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Residential construction 2.0 starts at Aliplast

Residential construction is progressing apace with the current housing needs and energy requirements. And joinery should also dance to that progressive beat. A challenge, you might think. At Aliplast, we like this progress, and are along for the ride driven by innovation. Our aluminium windows and doors are future-proof for every target group.


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Residential construction and private individuals

You are going to build a house. Congratulations! You will soon be faced with having to choose  ‘joinery’ for your project. Aliplast Aluminium Systems does not disappoint. Together with expert structural engineers, we provide aluminium systems that pay off for your residential construction. We create pure added value for your home, whatever the style, with beautiful products, top quality and affordable durability.


Residential construction and architects

Architecten require optimal support to be creative with aluminium. At Aliplast, we are fully aware of that. The most beautiful architectural gems in residential construction are created with our aluminium profiles. Minimalist, clean lines,  full of character, subtle detailing... whatever customization you have in mind for your residential projects, Aliplast thinks along with you and develops what you need.

This is how Aliplast helps residential construction move forward.

Large windows, for example, for a boundless indoor-outdoor feeling, or timeless cladding with vertical and horizontal profiles in various designs for handsome residential construction. Anything but average. Aesthetically and thermally in perfect balance. This is how you convince potential customers in residential construction.

Residential construction and structural engineers

As a structural engineer, you also want to contribute to building and renovating in style, with ever so solid materials that make residential construction future-proof, in a matching colour and trendy design. The Aliplast aluminium systems open up a warm world of possibilities for structural engineers thanks to our technical expertise and investments in innovation and design for residential construction. You will find the best profiles for craftsmen at Aliplast. Whether you make doors and windows for private, commercial or industrial applications, there is a solution for every residential project.


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