Congress and Training Center Isala

The Provincial Development Company (POM) Antwerp has expanded the Science Park in Niel with this ISALA central building. This landmark in a striking terracotta shade is a realization of the consortium consisting of an architectural firm "met zicht op zee", engineering office The Arcade and construction company Cordeel. Aliplast partner Stalku Geveltechniek supplied and installed all aluminum facade elements in a very short period of time. The Star75 windows and doors and the MC Wall curtain wall system powder coated in the color 8C04AN, give this building beautiful 'golden' accents. The Star 75 has an installation depth of 75 mm for the outer frame and 84 mm for the vent. With a Uw value of 0.94 W/m²K, an airtightness class 4 and an acoustic value of 47.1 dB (-1.-4), this solution fits perfectly in applications with the most stringent thermal and acoustic requirements. insulation. Stalku integrated the MC Wall for the curtain walls. With an excellent U-value, this all-in-one curtain wall scores well in terms of insulation and with a glass thickness of 59 mm, almost all available glass types can be integrated. In addition to aesthetics and insulation, the fire resistance is also striking. Certificates for both EI30 and EI60 are available for this system. Photos : Yvan Glavie

Water Tower Lopik

The water tower in Lopik was built in 1936 and provided the area with potable water. ML2 real estate bought the water tower and turned it into luxury apartments and a Bed & Breakfast. The Max Light steel aluminum windows, installed by our partner Aluverre, fit perfectly into this special project.

Louise Marie

Louise Marie is a residential project with 207 apartments and penthouses spread over two 14-storey residential towers. Due to its location on the canal, acoustics were a very important factor in the choice of windows. Due to the height of over 60 meters, the windows also had to be able to withstand high wind and water loads. The Aliplast Star75 and Ultraglide were chosen for the sliding windows, which are more than 3 meters high in the penthouses. Project developer and 3D images: Cores Development Architect: Polo Architects

Bistro with bronze-colored anodization

Group Ceyssens installed both the exterior and interior joinery for this stylish bistro and children's playground De Kom in Tremelo. For the sun-oriented facade, they used the aluminum system STAR75 in combination with solar control glazing. The Star75 has a sleek design and high-performance insulation. The version in bronze-coloured anodization is also special. The original structure of the aluminum is thus preserved, but executed in a different color: a beautiful result and a trend that is on the rise. For the sliding doors, Ceyssens opted for the Ultraglide tri-rail in 6 parts, of which the middle 4 wings slide. The wings of the Ultraglide can handle a weight of up to 440 kilograms. Together with the double glazing, it gives this building a high thermal insulation. --- Client: De Eetkomeet bvba ---- photography: Marc Sourbon

Housing project on the Leie

In residence "Vlaskaai" in Kortrijk, living is peaceful, with a view on the water and within walking distance of the "Grote Markt". Our partner Aluvano took care of all the aluminum (sliding)windows and doors. They chose the Star75 because of its sleek profile and high thermal insulation. Some windows are fitted with sheet metal all around to obtain the trendy block windows. They placed the Ultraglide monorail as sliding windows. You have a fixed section with a super slim profile and a strong wing that can even handle a weight of 440 kg. All joinery is done in color 9004LC with a very fine grain. --- Project developer: Think Urban --- photography: Chloe Noreillie

Hotel Lands End

Lands End is a beautiful hotel at the very tip of North Holland with a view of the sea. Our partner Compri Aluminum from Medemblik (NL) installed our facade cladding Deco Wall in gray and orange, matching the logo colors of the hotel. It gives the facade a sleek and hip look. The base profile DW211 was chosen, on which 3 finishing profiles DW230 (width 30mm - depth 20mm) are clicked on each time. --- Contractor Dozy BV and KJK Architects from Den Helder - Pictures: Zweitze Korten for Newdigit.

Deco Wall in 2 colors

Our partner Aluvano installed the Deco Wall facade cladding for Slagerij Calleeuw. They chose a background profile in black and click profiles in RUST-TC. A very successful combination! The RUST-TC color is a powder coating alternative to Cortensteel. It is one of the colors on which Aliplast gives a 25-year color guarantee. The DW231 was chosen as the click-on profiles: with a width of 30 mm and a depth of 40 mm you obtain dark shadows that emphasize the clean lines of the facade cladding.

Sterea residential complex

Spaciousness is central to this impressive Sterea repurposing concept. Architect Paul Lievevrouw chose the elegant and ultra-slim Max Light system from Aliplast for the joinery. This way you bring nature into your home and residents enjoy maximum light. With a Uw value of 0.97 W/M²K, we note an excellent thermal performance. In addition, the Max Light also scores very well in terms of acoustics (up to 47.2 dB), which makes the difference at this location not far from the airport.

Gallait School Campus

The Star75, Star75 i and Star90 window and door systems were chosen for this school campus. The Star range is characterized by excellent thermal and acoustic insulation in combination with double and triple glazing and an unprecedented strenght. This was very important for this application, as doors are used very intensively in schools. In addition, doors with a large free passage of 1200 mm were integrated, allowing both large groups and wheelchair users to get in and out without any problems. The hardware and doors therefore had to be able to bear high loads. The picture also had to fit aesthetically and the color of the windows and doors was coordinated with the rest of the curtain wall systems.--------- Photos: Ivan Glavie

Chocolate warehouse Barry Callebaut

In order to combine high thermal insulation with a sleek modern look, the Star75 and the MC Wall were chosen for this warehouse and offices. The Star 75 windows have an depth of 75 mm for the outer frame and 84 mm for the vent. They have a Uw value of 0.94 W/m²K and an airtightness class 4. The windows also score highly in terms of acoustics with 47.1 dB (-1,-4). Thus, this solution fits perfectly in applications with the strictest requirements in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. For the curtain walls, the constructor integrated the MC Wall, which guarantees a great design freedom for every architect. With a U-value of 0.97 W/m²K, this all-in-one curtain wall also scores well in terms of insulation and with a glass thickness of 59 mm, almost all available glass types can be integrated. The deep oval-shaped cover caps chosen by the architect accentuate the depth on the facade, so that the glass sections add an extra architectural aspect.-------- Pictures: Yvan Glavie

Offices Mevaco

In combination with the light grey brick facade and vertical concrete elements, the windows help to determine the look of this building. Black Star75 windows in colour 905-PT were chosen. The large aluminium windows was a challenge for the Aliplast dealer Building Windows. They were installed without any connection profiles. Vertical transoms were used to create the division and aluminium frame profiles to firmly fix the window frames.

Residential care center Bosbeekhof

For the new residential care centre, the construction partners, main contractor AB Eiffage and Architecten Conix RBDM, searched for windows that combined excellent thermal insulation with good acoustic performance. That is why the Star90i+ was chosen. With the triple glazing, they achieve a Uw value of 0.81 W/m²K and airtightness class 4. The windows also score highly in terms of acoustics with 48 dB (-2,-5). Aluminum tubes were used for the cladding of the reveals. The connections and connection details were drawn up together with the project team and the constructor in order to achieve a correct connection and to eliminate the risk of water infiltration. Pictures: Frederic Bogaerts

Social House De Cooman

In order to bring new life and above all more light into the old industrial building, 2Ai architects opted for a special glass faceted facade. A curtain wall is often straight to straight, but this faceted facade is a specific construction that requires a lot of customization. A lot of calculations for Aliplast dealer Decaro, who was responsible for the execution of the MC Wall. The Aliplast range has the right outer corners for this faceted facade. The bronze color of the window profiles was powder coated at Aliplast in a lacquer anodization color. This way you can imitate real anodization, resulting in easy-to-maintain profiles.

Residence Belvedere

Residence Belvedere has 78 apartments and is located in a beautiful landscape park. The gold-coloured aluminum joinery of Aliplast Aluminum Systems is an eye-catcher that fits perfectly into the natural environment. The joinery was carried out by Aliplast distributor Decaro. They presented the aluminum profiles in color 8000M to the architectural office. This aesthetically met the architect's wishes and the price was in line with the proposed budget. As an additional advantage, there is a 25-year paint warranty on these painted profiles. A certainty that the original color will be preserved. Decaro used the Star75 for the fixed and tilt and turn windows and the VG500 for the sliding windows. ---- Photographer: Lukas De Groodt ----- Architect: Studio Inarco and ELD Architecten---- Project developer: Van Roey Vastgoed --- Contractor: General Construction Maes

Imelda Hospital Bonheiden

The Imelda Hospital is a medium-sized general hospital, located in the woods of Bonheiden. The new entrance hall can be described as a strong example of contemporary architecture. The focus was on energy saving, natural light and the creation of a new look, where the green environment had to be extended inside. The MC Wall curtain wall was chosen in order to integrate fire-resistant EI60 zones in the classic facade parts. The MC Wall (MC fire version) has a fire resistance of EI30 to EI120 as well as excellent thermal and acoustic performance and effective protection against wind and water infiltration. Photos: Thomas Bakker /

Totem Hasselt

Totem is a 12-storey student tower with 157 residential units for students of the PXL Hogeschool in Hasselt. The project was completed in an extremely short construction time because the main contractor Cordeel focused on prefab concrete construction. Aliplast Max Light was chosen for the aluminum windows and the curtain wall on the ground floor and top level is an Aliplast MC Wall. The architect was looking for a system with a minimal face width. The 35mm frame and 50mm T-profiles of the MaxLight fully corresponded to the look that was envisioned architecturally. The Aliplast McWall serves a wide variety of facade options. Here a zone with a fire resistance was designed, which is also no problem within this series. In order to add an extra architectural aspect to the facade, deep caps were chosen, accentuating the depth on the facade. In terms of thermal requirements, the aluminum system Max Light achieves excellent values ​​and can perfectly match the increasingly stringent Uw values ​​in project construction. In this specific project, they focused on a solution between the connection of the concrete panels on the site. By supplying several elements in prefab concrete that had to be coupled on site, we also had to make a division in the strip windows from a logistics and installation point of view. Visually, the strip window had to continue along the length of the building. A strong example of coordination in the construction team phase by the Cordeel project management, our constructor Stalku and Aliplast.

Deco Wall for Albert Heijn

The aluminum Deco Wall cladding was used for the Albert Heijn supermarket in Boxmeer. On 2 balcony parts at the entrance and on the top 9 meters (of the high column of 15 meters), our customer MKK installed horizontal facade cladding. This results in a sleek, modern appearance of the building with the added advantage that the facade cladding requires very little maintenance. Pictures: Thomas Bakker


The Double-U complex consists of two U-shaped office wings on a common plinth. A striking feature is the brick façade wallpaper in terracotta color and with a specific shape. The storey-high aluminum Futural window frames are incorporated in the load-bearing inner leaf. On the narrow side of the office wings is an MC Wall glass facade. Facade architecture : Loveld NV - Aalter - Photographer: Benny De Grove

Deco Wall

The Deco Wall aluminum cladding perfectly matches contemporary architecture. The facade cladding consists of a simple click system with vertical or horizontal profiles in different designs. The invisible fixation and straight lines give the house a sleek look.

Plato 43

This student house establishes 55 student rooms with a shared kitchen and living space on each floor. The bottom of the building is completely covered with the Deco Wall cladding. An MC Wall was used for the large block window.The Star 75 was chosen for the other windows because of the sleek shape and high-quality insulation. A Mac Glass fall-through protection was fitted to the tilt and turn windows. A project by Citynest / Eduville

Astor Tower

A circular pilot project in Geel. Unique because of the wooden frame structure. With 150 new care housing units, numerous support services and a 40-meter tower. The following 3 points were of utmost importance: watertightness, windproofness and fire safety. For this project, the choice fell on the sleek Star75 and Ultraglide window system, the sliding window with a high watertightness.

Le Duc II - Antwerpen

Laan van Spartaan

In Laan van Spartaan, a brand new residential area in Amsterdam-West, Aliplast joinery was chosen for the apartments and single-family homes. Large areas of glass must provide the necessary light and comfort in the various residential units. The construction team opted for various aluminum window and facade systems from Aliplast: Max Light and Futural windows, VG 500 sliding windows and Panorama folding walls, and MC Wall curtain walls.

Ring at Work

Ring at Work is a modern, nearly energy-neutral office building with 2,000m² of co-working spaces. Aliplast partner Vorsselmans from Brecht used the MC Wall curtain wall. For this project, Aliplast developed adapted clamping profiles to be able to perform the intended connections. In addition, the curtain wall was placed in front of a steel structure and anchored to welded fins, so that the anchoring points are hardly noticeable. A perfect example of custom applications with the MC Wall.

Park van Hillare

Park van Hillare is a senior residence with 101 assisted living apartments. To keep energy bills to a minimum, extra attention was paid to insulation and ventilation. That is why the Aliplast STAR75 and VG500 profiles were used. A round window was placed in the common relaxation area as an aesthetic element.

Sports campus Artevelde Hogeschool

This sports campus has 4 floors. The facade is made of red nuanced facing brick. By means of large glass surfaces, the interior spaces, such as climbing wall, fitness and sports hall, are made visible and these spaces enjoy plenty of natural outdoor light. This MC Wall curtain wall is accentuated by a protruding frame. Furthermore, this building has Star75 turn-tilt windows, some with glass fall-through protection. Contractor : Antwerpse Bouwwerken Architect : Licence to Build

WATT residential complex Gent

Westpoint Vlaardingen (NL)

Sea & City Vlissingen

Sea & City is a residential complex with 15 apartments and 4 penthouses. The Star75 was chosen because all current market requirements have been incorporated in this system: high insulation, super airtightness, burglar resistance class RC3 and fire resistance up to 60 minutes. The Ultraglide was used for the large sliding windows.With this system, a sash weight can handle up to 400 kilos. --- Pictures : Edward Hees

Municipal swimming pool Zwevegem

School building 'De Klavertjes' Gent

De Weverij Gavere Aliplast

De Weverij Gavere

Hotel Nassau Breda

Campus Corda Hasselt

Park View

De Grijze Silo

The Block

Airport Garden Brussel

The Residence Antwerpen

Les Pavillons

Hippodroom Waregem

Harbour Village Het Zilveren Schor Arnemuiden

Filature Gent

EKLA Molenbeek


Residence 'De Boterton' Lier

Residence 't Leeuwke Waregem

Shop Baarlo

In this shop, instead of using traditional sun blinds, it was decided to install sun blinds made of aluminium slats with a wooden structure. This provides the desired shade, while retaining a clear view of the outside. They also gives the building a stately and grand look.

Office Antwerp

For this office, it was decided to construct the large glass surface using MC Wall. The slimline look and very strong profiles give this building a very sleek, modern look. The use of panels and windows in the same colour creates an attractive, homogeneous exterior.

Shop Machelen-Zulte

Residence 'Peutiebos'

Rode Rok Kuringen

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